2D Colored Terrain Generation using Perlin Noise

2D Colored Terrain Generator

Using my beloved perlin noise

Yet again, I am back with another creation.

Today I created a random 2D Colored Terrain Generator using perlin noise and GuiBase2D frames. You won’t ever get the same terrain you got before, since the seed uses math.randomseed(os.time()) and math.random().

It does lag when rendering the frames since its not the most optimal code of mine. I’ll try optimizing the lag and get back to you soon.

Press Space bar to generate a new terrain map. (theres a 1 second debounce)

Any form of feedback is appreciated! Is it certified cool?

Would you like a tutorial for the same? (after i have the most optimal solution)
  • Yes
  • No

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Open sourced here:

Thats all from me today,

more 2d physics and mechanics soon :wink:

I remembered the old Roblox and 8 Bit games…


Sure thing! The old days were gold, once I get almost every single component of a 2D based game working (the physics and the mechanics), I aim to create a full fledged game by combining my past work. And this certainly will help me to do so :wink: Glad you liked it.

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I open sourced the game and made a module for the same!