2D game scripting help

So I’m not very good at scripting so I have no idea but how would I go about this but I’m trying to make a simliar game to “Adventure Planet” which is an 2D game (Very much like gacha online) with a Avatar that moves around but isn’t animated or contains roblox 3d world.

Link: Adventure Planet - Roblox

I’m not asking for you to create a script for me but an Idea of a possible way I could do this.

(Sorry if I used the wrong category)

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GuiCollisionService and Nature2D are life savers when it comes to creating 2D games(especially for the maths part).

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Uncopylocked resource here.

The game really doesn’t want to open for me in studio but from the pictures it seems more like gacha life online which isn’t really what I had in mind but thank you for this.