2D Graphic artist

About Me

~ Hi, Im Sn_D (edroi) Im a “2D GRAPHIC ARTIST” I started drawing Since 2021 (if you remembered me) I improved my artwork, And ill try to work with anything you assign me for.

~ Dont worry about approaching me I am very approachable!

  • im just a friendly filipino who wants to become a professional artist in the near future. -


As for now Im still looking for some commissions for me to start another art work, But I have one artwork that I can show as an example.



My schedules would vary depending on the time I am free. But I do have a schedule for you to dm / Pm me…

(Work time)

Weekdays - 6 Am - 3 Am
Weekends - 6 Am - 3 Am (GMT+8/UTC+8)

In anyways, you can contact me
anytime, ill be sure to reply to your request asap.


As for the payment, I dont really charge that much, Taxes mudt be covered by the costumer…

Bust up (No background) -
70R$ / 1$ / 50 php
Bust up (With Background) -
100R$ / 2$ / 97 php

[Bust up are the only available style I can draw, as for now.]

Methods: Robux / Paypal / Gcash


As for contacts, You can contact me in Discord, Facebook, Instagram:

Discord - fredrizzz
Facebook - Fred Ric
Instagram - CouldBeFred