2D Roblox Avatar Art

Gift artwork for Lerox!

Here’s my second attempt at turning roblox avatars into people, I went for a more comic book style this time and I think it suits quite well.
A gift for @LeRox1825

I have heaps of room for improvement, but please tell me what you think! Criticism, feedback and thoughts are much appreciated!

Finished Artwork


Worn by Avatar

Stylised Black Hair

Saphire Visor

Custom Shirt

Other Roblox Avatar Art


Woah. I almost don’t believe you when you say this is your second time making a roblox avatar come to life with illustration. Why I must say this is wonderful and absolutely mind-blowing. One thing that looks unnatural (unless this was what you were going for) is the shading style. Currently your drawing uses lines to act as shading. I am not a fan of this and this may be my own opinion but I think you should fill the shaded spots in with a mix of black and grey.


I get what you mean by looking at it again.
I used to always use bold black lines with my line art at is was always a bit of an eyesore, so I’ve made it a darker blue to fit the colour scheme. And the lines I usually get rid of after I do the sketching but I like how they sit in this one. Thanks a bunch for your input, you’re a great help! :grin:

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She is very good at drawing, It looks perfect.


That looks amazing! What app do you use to draw that?

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Thank you! :grin:
I use a software called Paint Tool Sai.

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pretty impressive for not using photoshop, you should probably and mostly make more beautiful art works!!!

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How much does that software cost?

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bro its a lot!!!

free loooolll

The one I have is free, it’s “Paint Tool SAI V2.” and it’s still in a beta so for now it is free. I haven’t had any bugs with it so far and there’s a lot in it!
Paint tool SAI, the first one is about $50 AUD, so I’d go with V2. :grin:

LOL! :joy: Thank God it’s free though because I used all my money on Adobe Photoshop last year.

For the first one, is that $50 AUD paid monthly, annually or in one go?

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In one go, you buy a single copy of it and you’re good to go!

Ok, thanks for letting me know!

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i think theodd1sout youtuber uses it too

You’re insane. How is it that artists amaze me more than anything in the world. :slight_smile:

All I noticed is the ear. It looks too flat imo.

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That’s amazing!! You’re so talented

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I want to hire you! You got discord?

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I do! Feel free to add me Rossalea#4733