2D Snowpiercer (Train)

Based on the game design of Fallout shelter (The mobile app) I wanted to make a 2D type game of my own and what better to do then Snowpiercer! Its still in WIP but I plan to make the whole train. Still working on the Engine so that will come soon

Any feedback is welcome!

Agsec car

Kitchen car

Subtrain area


Look pretty cool, but if I were you I would make it so that players can only walk on the x axis for example.

Problem is that also limits what players can do, so If I had seats that would either need to be set up in the middle of the walk way lol

Oh :slightly_smiling_face: :palm_tree:, then maybe make it so that on the a axis the player can only move in like different lanes and can switch between them.

Im not exactly a pro scripter lol, for now I think it does what it needs to do lol

Hey. For a person who enjoyed both the show and movie quite a lot, I’m glad to see that you’ve taken the time to make a semi-recreation of the train here on Roblox. Despite what @Haakon325 said about how the player should only be allowed to walk straight or backwards, I think it fits quite well in this build. Allowing the player to move around freely like it is now gives them the ability to interact with the build more. That being said, it does too have its flaws here and there. All I have to say on that matter is take some time reading about 2D builds similar to this and see what works best for you. Other than that and the fact that you can fall out of the train to your death, I say this is a great build and hope there are many more carriages to come. Perhaps even 1001-cars long? :eyes:


Im already finalizing the battery car/subtrain access and finishing up the doors and scrolling terrain, I do plan on adding more details here and there and def want to do a load of cars, 1001? possibly?

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