2FA Should Log You Out

When you enable 2FA via your Account Settings, it should log you out afterward, even though you already have confirmed your identity by entering your password. Every other platform does this. It’ll also make you actually use what you’ve just enabled.


Please explain how this increases the security of your account.

If someone has access to your account that you’re not aware of, get locked out due to the fact that they wouldn’t have access to the 2FA codes.


It should not log you out. It should just invalidate any sessions that aren’t your own.

It’s not very UX friendly when you enable a security feature and randomly get logged out; though it’s perfectly reasonable for it to expire any other sessions (such as you being logged in via a different browser, computer, device, or obviously if someone had access to your account that you were not aware of)

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I think it should but while setting it up, it should give you a warning that it will log you out all of your sessions.