2nd to last time for feedback

Hello again! Im about ready to release alpha(now ofc theres no trees, im adding trees tmr im still making them), i just wanna know some stuff i can add before FEB 5, when alpha releases. We are also now adding props to the game(power lines, and stuff like that) And we are almost done with making trees.


I think you could improve the traffic lights. Traffic lights are usually colored black and are made of metal and not plastic.

Everything else seems okay in the images. I’m not too sure how I feel about these large hills left alone, I’d prefer mountains in the background as well. In the last image, the color of the pavement looks gray. In all roads I’ve seen (except for select bridges and highways), the road is usually asphalt instead of concrete, or black concrete.


Thanks for the feedback! I will ofc update the hills, im just using them for map borders for the start of the game. Im gonna update everyting(traffic lights, hills, the pavement, etc) Im just using those for the start of the game but i will eventuraly update all of that.