3 day 2d art progression

aha sorry if this is in the wrong topic! i saw some people post progressions here.

hi! i thought it would be fun to show a quick art progression. I have small prior experience with digital & traditional.

keep in mind I am still a beginner artist. also, I have art comms (free) here :: Cheap 2d art comms! - #4 by triisflame

day 1 (not my first day of art; just day 1 of me keeping track)

day 2

day 3

(yikes i know the hair shading is bad, it looked better when i drew it. definitely need to work on that.)

feedback is greatly appreciated! however, please don’t be rude. overall art tips are appreciated too! (e.g. don’t use black as your lineart color (working on that), reverse to see mistakes, etc)
also, i know that my shading needs work :grimacing: so, if you know good tutorials on yt/the forms that would be cool!


I’m not an artist, but I can say that on the 2nd and 3rd one, the shoulders look too wide.


But other than that, these look amazing.


I love your art style and you’re definitely improving with time, I believe you have a lot of potential, keep it up!

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