3 Questions regarding ToS


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I have three questions regarding the ToS and its coverage on these specific themes. Not that I’m planning on doing them at the moment, but they’re always a future possibility.

  1. If I were to implement a flamethrower, would this be allowed? What if I were to implement cosmetical viewing of the subject burning and dying through particles and texture magic? Would this be allowed?

  2. If I were to create a game that depicts extreme emotion or sadness, would this be allowed? Take, for example, Dead Island’s trailer, but turned into a game.

  3. Would depicting execution of fictional characters be allowed? For this one I’m guessing they’re not, but this would come very in handy if I were to ever make a game similar to Call of Duty’s campaign franchises.



Everything here should be fine.

Yeah, I would see no problem with this.

Depends on if you want to have a lot of gore. For example, just a hanging would probably be fine, but if there is excessive amounts of blood it’s questionable.

Don’t take my word for it, this is just my opinion. I suggest waiting for someone else to reply.

Excessive gore would not be allowed. In regards to making something similar to CoD, there is a reason that those games are rated the way they are.

I believe ROBLOX allows a wide variety of things like that, as long as they’re not too extreme.

As long as it won’t traumatize children… :p

There are games with excessive amounts of blood, I’m sure as long as your game is completely fictional and not too dark, it’ll be fine.

Anything like a noose, or someone hanging, anything that can be related to suicide is not allowed on Roblox. This relates to both the extreme emotion/sadness and all of the above… any mentions and such for suicide/self harm are not allowed.

Edit: For anyone feeling down or depressed and having suicidal thoughts, I urge you to please seek help. Life is incredible and worth every moment, for both yourself and everyone around you. There is so much out there, that you have yet to experience. So please seek help and/or call your local suicide hotline. <3


But execution should be allowed AFAIK (which was OP’s concern)

I’m unsure of the rules on an execution, for the most part I’d personally do it off screen, where the player can assume what’s going on… I’d recommend asking the mods or someone else with a better understanding of, if even this is allowed.

Edit: What am I not allowed to build?

In Phantom Forces you murder other people with guns so I think it’s fine :P

I’m absolutely sure suicide is NOT allowed though, so just keep that in mind.

As some others said, flamethrower should be fine.

Number 2 should be fine as well.

Number Three - as some said, depends on how much blood and gore you’re aiming for. If It’s an excessive amount, this would not be allowed, I believe you’d be banned.

Also, try not to traumatize children, ROBLOX would get on you about that too.
If your game is dark, bloody, scary, traumatizing, you’re probably not okay.

But, keep all this in mind, I would probably read through the whole ToS through out production of this game.

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While everything here is relatively okay to do, don’t take it to an extreme level - especially point three. The nature of executions are already chancing it, but you’ll generally be fine so long as the execution is not excessively disturbing in any way.

Moderation is very context-based when it comes to situational dealings so it depends quite heavily on the narrative and what exactly you’re doing in regards to these points. You should generally be able to determine that extent yourself while minding what audience plays Roblox.

@anon66957764 Another game doing something should never be justification that an act is okay. Try to avoid the “others do it” justification because it can trap you into a certain mindset. Each case is handled differently, not the same.

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what if it held the notion that someone else hung that person. Like in combat or something