3 realistic showcases

Just explored around the “Industrial Living Room”. And it seems you are making some great detailed “Realistic Showcases” however what makes, your realistic living room stand out, more is the lighting and! Textures that’s implemented on your models and the. Different details that’s inside the whole scene. Overall i gotta say you have done a incredible job on, your showcases they look really good can’t wait! To see more from you very soon.

I just joined one of the games, “Industrial Living Room” and you can definitely. Tell that these are some realistic models i do like how! You created the couches, texture, material, lighting, ect. That’s seen in the (Real World) nicely done anyways. You have done again, amazing job on your “Realistic Showcases” very impressive!

This looks really nice in game, and it has such amazing textures to the models.

@1Boone! He does give some insight on lighting that can help Here

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all the furniture is pretty basic bender skills however textures I source from textures.com but recently I have started use substance painter which is president in complex. the light is a all custom and all the the shadows are created by me and the light glares. also thank you for linking Boone!


Always Impressive work can’t wait to see more!

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Your showcases are always incredible! You are so talented.

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Wow the lighting is amazing in all 3 but especially love the one in that bedroom. Your textures are amazing and how you use them too.

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This, is honestly insane. The lighting is perfect, textures are HD, and, in my opinion, I would straight up say it isn’t roblox. Keep it up! :grinning:

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Just change the reflectiveness.

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These Builds are amazing!:+1::slightly_smiling_face: Can’t wait to see what you’re going to build next.

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You are so talented! I wish I got your skills.

There are millions of textures out there, and you seen to find the perfect one for your showcases.

The lightings and the shadows really made it more lively. Keep it up, I would love to see more future contents from you. :smile:

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This is really great. Not only are the models and the textures realistic, but the lighting is phenomenal. I especially like the lighting from the window in the second one.
Edit: Wait this is in roblox?! I for sure looked at it and thought, “What great stuff this guy does in Blender.”

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Amazing! Keep up the good work.:grin:

This is just amazing. It’s incredible to see what you can make on roblox. The texturing is very good. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Here is some things I recommend you in your ‘‘Complex’’ Game.


I think you used the same textures for both of these, so I drew a H to show you the mold direction. Because in my opinion the mold shoud go down.Which is not a very easy problem to solve.


You could also add some water drips and some tyre marks.

Other that that I think this is an amazing showcase.:grinning:


This looks great!
Will you ever consider doing a tutorial on this type of realism in the future? I’m sure it’d help a lot of developers out there who are into this but don’t have the right resources.


I swear! If thisfall worked with an extremely talented developer, they could beat some of the current top 10 games.

pardon the necropost.

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Someone bumped this and I’m like damn the new roblox lighting is really helpful to be realistic

Then I realize this was created in 2015…

Yeah I agree with @Ilvarou, this would greatly help the newer members of the building community.

this was created august 15 2019, not 2015 haha

regardless its insane


Could you give me some advice on how to make these scenes? Also I love these, I am really inspired by your astonishing creations!

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That is amazing, especially the image of the bedroom!

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