[300,000 - 350,000$!] Hiring Professional Scripter to help finish Project Pacifica!

The Electric State: Pacifica - Seeking an Experienced Scripter

To any advanced scripters, please consider helping us finish this near complete project.

The Electric State: Pacifica team is looking for an additional scripter to help us finish the remaining features of the game, and to maintain the game and help with updates moving forward. This position is being remotely offered to applicants ages 16 and older.

Game Trailer:

About Us

We are an extremely driven and professional development team that has put months of work and dedication into completing our project, which is expected to release as soon as it can. Though we have had several delays due to unforeseen circumstances, we have made an incredible amount of progress on the game’s development. Our games release is being eagerly awaited by a community of supporters from other Electric State genre games, with a discord server of over 1000 supporters and other communities. The game is based on a book written by author and artist Simon Stålenhag, a dystopian society taking place in 90s California. We hope to find talented and professional candidates who are motivated to expedite the scripting process, bring new ideas to the table and are invested in making the game better overall. Project Pacifica is easily one of the biggest projects on ROBLOX in scale and we hope to find team members who share in making it even more awesome than we envisioned it to be.

Our active team and contributors include:

@DreadNautical Development Manager & Director
@DreadNautical Map Designer & Builder
@ProspektNova - Active Programmer
@yourock101 - Active Programmer
Vacant - Additional Programmer
@Heatian123 - Prop Maker
@ScytheSlayin - Animator
@qweekertom - Programming Help
@Maxim3L3Pr0 - Clothing Designer
@ScholarOfZoghoLargo - Additional Prop Maker
@chenami - UI Desginer
@Monophony - Soundtrack Artist
@Andomim - Decal Art
@dozino - Trailer and Video Artist

The Job

We’re looking for a programmer to join our team and help finish some of the core systems regarding game mechanics. There are very few of these tasks left, and your job will mostly consist of familiarizing yourself with the existing codebase, working with our developers to tweak them, and making a few systems from scratch. This job is fully remote and you are able to work from anywhere. Preferably we are seeking those with professional experience as a ROBLOX developer. It is preferable that you can work anywhere from 12 hours a week or more, adhering to a strict schedule.

Please keep in mind our game is almost finished, but this is still a full time position and you are expected to stick around after its release to help us with testing and making updates and fixes.

Specific Responsibilities:
You will be tasked with some of the following depending on how we divide up the remaining work:

  • Work with advanced Vehicle Systems
  • Work with advanced Gun Systems
  • Create Faction Systems
  • Create Lobby / Server Placement Systems
  • Various other small tasks (See ‘About the Game’ to understand the game’s mechanics better)
    Please inquire if you have specific questions.


  • Highly experienced with LUA, Roblox Studio, and Roblox API
  • Familiar with Object-Oriented Programming
  • Comfortable and able to work with others, work and elaborating on the code of others
  • Must be 16+ years old
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Must be comfortable working in team creates and sometimes joining voice calls

Preferably is familiar with
Visual studio, rojo, or Github

We’re looking for someone who is…

  • Accountable, responsible, and trustworthy
  • Passionate about game development
  • Willing to share their own creative ideas
  • Able to learn and adjust to new workflows and methods
  • Able to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the process

$1,000-1,200 USD (or robux equivalent as mentioned in the title), as well as a to be determined percentage of total game revenue based on your contributions to the team during development and after release. Your direct pay (1k-1.2k usd) will depend on your efficiency and quality of work).

About The Project

Mechanics and Features:

Official Pacifica Feature List (click this in case your wondering what specifically the game is about!)


The game features a complete, massive, and detailed map based off of Simon Stålenhag’s artwork and story designed and built by me (DreadNautical):

We have finished unique and detailed UI interfaces, animations, custom soundtracks, clothing, props, etc. (The only thing that needs to be finished is the scripting itself!)

(Even more progress if your curious)


Game’s soundtrack:
Stream Mesosphere - Title Theme by Monophony | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
Stream A Shroud of Steel - Combat Music by Monophony | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Stålenhag's artwork:

Build Comparisons:

c195b703c9caf4ebe391ba32443977b7-png (1)

The game also has some most of it’s scripting assets already finished, many unique props, tools and weapons created by various contributors:


And much more, if we included every picture the post would be too long.


How to Apply:

Preferably contact me through discord (contact below).
Make sure to send:

  • Any resume / portfolio you may have.
  • Examples of work you’ve made, either code or examples of what the code does.
  • Any previous games you’ve worked on before.
  • Anything else that you’re proud of and think would impress us!

Contact Us:

You can contact me by either replying here, or on discord (preferred) via DreadNautical#7764

Thanks for reading!

We look forward to hearing from you! :slightly_smiling_face:


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