[3,200USD or R$915,000] Hiring map builder for 4 maps

About Us

Hello, my name is swenzje and I am looking for a builder for my combat game named Combat Warriors (Combat Warriors - Roblox)

About The Job

I am looking for an experienced builder to create 4 maps for my game

You will be responsible for designing the layout of the maps in addition to building them

When designing the maps, you will need to take into account the nature of my game to ensure the map will flow well with gameplay

Each map should be around 500x500 to 600x600 studs

Examples of the build style/quality I am looking for

In addition to being able to build/design maps in the style/quality I want, you must meet these requirements

  • You must be proficient in optimization. This is very important due to the nature of my game (it is a competitive fast-paced combat game so performance is needed for players to play well)
  • You must have good communication; this means sending me progress pictures often and asking questions to make sure each map is made how I want it
  • You must put in effort, I have high standards and can tell if someone is putting in effort or not. Please don’t apply if you’re planning to just make an easy buck


800USD or R$230,000 per map

If you complete all of the maps I want, the total payment should come out to be 3,200USD or R$915,000

USD payments will be sent via PayPal (preferred)
Robux payments will be sent via group funds

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord @ swenzje#5995


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