[$350 USD] Map Builder/Terrain

We are looking for
A map builder skilled with smooth terrain, capable of creating a medium scale atmospheric environment with basic decorative structures.

Map Size
Think Emergency Response: Liberty County, Medium scale, ‘Roleplay’ game.

What we need is just amazing terrain, with small decorative elements (nothing extravagant, as we already have a modeler)

Contact me on Discord: Edmond#2124

Provide images of your work on Discord

Thank you for reading

  • How many people are in the development team?

  • How many builders do you want to hire?

  • Like Emergency Response, there is a community manager vice versa.

  • Is USD optional (can we have robux instead of USD?)

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Sir I sent u friend request!:slight_smile: I’m good builder. My portfolio here.

Hello I am very interested in this project has real potential!

My discord is A1.2trappy#4996

I’m interested in the job! I sent you a friend request on discord. My discord is BoonkJusticeMayanProphecy2012#1561

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