[3500 Robux per gun] Builder Needed for Octagonal Weapon Building

I need someone to help with building some octagonal themed weapons, Inspired by @Theta0’s Octagonal/Low Poly weapon design. I’m looking for little to no cylinder meshes (too much extra triangles).

Payment & reward:
I will be paying through Group Payouts and only when the weapon is accepted(Sorry, I may be really picky).

For your model to be accepted, you can display your model in your own place and if the model fulfills the requirements, I will pay half the amount first, and once I receive the exact model as the one displayed as a RBXMX file, I will pay the other half after confirming the model and you will be added to my game’s credit list when the weapon is featured. Contact me first before taking the offer.

Examples of design theme:

I made this octagonal themed Flamethrower and Desert Eagle:


M4 made by Theta0, I modified it a little to look like an M4A4.

Theta0’s other octagonal themed weapons:
Open Source Octagonal Themed Firearms, WW1 to Modern

List of weapons needed:

  • Desert Eagle
  • AWP
  • Grenade Launcher

Contact me first before taking the offer, contact me in this Discord group Rise Of The Dead#discussion to negotiate anything: XTYSgq4

Thank you for reading, I am still new to hiring or paying for work, please give me advice to improve, thank you~

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Offer still open bump.

Price bump.

By accepted, do you mean;

  1. Giving you the model before payment and then paying afterwards?
  2. Having the weapon placed in a game that the builder owns to showcase the weapon?

I’d be up for this position, but option one sounds kinda scammy and might be why no one else has applied for this position yet.

By accepted I mean that once I receive the model as a RBXMX file and approved that it’s acceptable then I will fulfil the payment.

Yes, this criteria is quite a stretch and I’m not really urgent on acquiring the models therefore there are no timelimit requirements. With that said, it is all up to the decision of the builders who don’t mind risking it for a biscuit.

I recommend contacting me first if you want to take the offer.

You open up more opportunity for trust if you simply view it in game and have them show you the workspace. If we are to let you just by what is “acceptable” to you then by chance it’s not good enough for any reason at all you just acquired their product for free regardless.

You could also at any time not have the payment on hand or be delayed; such as some people who I believed when they told me they could pay but ended up “having issues” that’s gone over 2 weeks almost.

There’s no reason for them to “risk it for the biscuit” and most builders you might want with the skill and quality will be turned off by being required to hand it over to you for free with no guarantee of wasting their time.

So simply just look at it in game; and see the workspace image (if you are concerned about unions, etc), because I think of any other criteria that requires it to be looked over by handing it over.

I would even say pay half before receiving it; and pay the other half later for them to finish the polish.

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Thank you for suggesting, although this has came across my mind but I had not given much thought about it.

After understanding and reconsidering, I think this method is much prefered by both sides and I will be editing the main post with this method.

I have changed the criteria for me to accept the model, please read the post if you are still interested. Thank you.

I do modelling, portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/JVdz2

I can do guns, they aren’t a challenge.
You pay after example shown then I send the files, I do 3D Modelling, UV Editting, and Texturing.

Please read my post about payment and requirements. Contact me again with the method on the post if you agree to them.

Price bump

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