[350/450 USD per month and %] Hiring a Long-term Scripter!

About Us

Hello, I am currently looking for a scripter for hire. I am the owner of a SCPF (Special Containment Procedures Foundation) group, based off of the SCP Wiki. We are currently looking for someone to script a game for our group.

The Team
@VlTIATE - Builder
@Axlr102 - Designer
@couldbeyou - Scripter
@username - UI Design
@username - Animation

About The Job

We are looking for a experienced scripter to be able to help script our game. I have experience with development work; so don’t worry about me not understanding. Time is not of essence in this project as we are far off from release, but we do have some good ideas planned. You will be scripting things like interaction system and a Over The Shoulder weapon system (for references, view DayZ or Division 2 combat). And don’t worry, you won’t be rushed. We have everything planned out neatly, and you’ll be the one in charge with what you can and cannot do.

You must be 13 or older to apply, and you must, of course, be fluent in English.


We are paying with USD or. ROBUX. USD is preferred, however we can still go through with group funds. We will be paying you 350 USD every month for as long as you can go on scripting (or we do not require scripting services anymore). However, your wage will be increased to 450 USD per month or even higher if you do show us quality.
We will also be providing a percentage of ten percent of all funds received.

Contact Us

You can contact us through Discord by adding me here: Travis#0172 or by sending me a Private Message on the Devforum.


Would this be Roleplay based or group based?

Group based. We don’t want to make a roleplay game before we release our primary game.

Would it be like all other SCP game types, including the Team seleaction, Door controls, ect?

In a way. However, we’re trying to make this less focused on PVP and more on the features and immersion. But we do have a few ideas that, at least I, haven’t seen before.

I understand, more about the theme than the fighting part. For over-the-shoulder guns, just so I understand it. You mean something like this?


Exactly like that. However, we do have some ways to keep things like cornershooting in check; as we aren’t going to have a open cursor camera view. There are some games that I could show you that follow the gun system we are trying to implement (of course, ours is a bit differently planned.)

https://www.roblox.com/games/4787647409/BETA-Blacksite-Zeta?refPageId=277e7331-27bc-4be1-bea3-039c41cec213 It does cost 50 ROBUX, but it is the only place I know with this type of weapon system implemented that you can easily access.

Ok then. Thanks for simplifying everything. I will be contacting you, my discord it Ciara#6759

I am very interested, added your discord, Eric_Homemade#0001

Hello I am interested.
I sent a dm with my portfolio.

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