(350K - 500K Robux) Scripter: Lightning Survival Game (Found one, but u can see dm me)

I found a scripter for this; however dm me for other projects if you want

Hey there; I’m looking for a pretty skilled scripter who can script a game for me. the games assets are mostly finished in terms of GUI, VFX, custom music, sound design and maps. I however need a scripter to help finish the project. More details in our direct messages of course.

I need a scripter who can script the entire game with clean, and secure code.

Key elements to script:

  • Shop, inventory, case system
  • Custom health and stamina system (For double jumping)
  • Going on from double jumping the ability to buy and unlock abilities
  • Character creator
  • Lightning strikes module
  • Dynamic clock
  • Map voting
    More details in DMs!

You’ll be paid 350,000 - 500,000 robux upon completion or a 35% cut of the games profits.

-Contact me: -
discord: hodicus#2990

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