[35K-50K] Delights Bakery are hiring Programmers

Delights Bakery, owned by HS_7 & Purasia, who also own Outlander Studios, are hiring programmers for our upcoming Bakery.

Delights Bakery are currently hiring programmers to work on our creating the following:
An ordering system & cooking system, linking animations to food & drink items, slides, gamepasses & a few other miscellaneous tasks. The time for the project to be completed within will be discussed with you, to ensure a time that works for us both is found.

Delights Bakery seeks to bring the most innovative & advanced Bakery to Roblox. To do so, we require hard working, eager staff. We welcome developers of all backgrounds and seek to work alongside you with excellent communication & teamwork skills.

We believe a job at Delights Bakery is more than a commission, we see it as an opportunity for you to learn, improve, meet new people & expand your skill set. We seek to provide you with all the resources you need to become better both within your current skills & new ones.

If you are interested in working alongside us, we have some core values that we believe are essential. First is teamwork, although we do understand some developers enjoy working solo within projects, we promote the idea of teamwork due to the simple nature & effectiveness of it. Second is communication, we seek to ensure that all members of our team are, at all times, aware of what exactly is going on, furthermore to ensure our community can rest assured that we are working to deliver promised projects & updates on-time.

If a job at Delights Bakery seems attractive to you, send me a message on DevForum & I will reply with my Discord tag, please do this instead of directly attempting to contact me on Discord. All applicants must be over the age of 13.


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