39k impressions 63 robux?

so i just sponsored some random game i made for fun this morning. i wanted to see how sponsors worked and stuff. just spent 63 robux on it and later in the day i checked it and it said

impressions mean how many people it reached? is this normal that it reached that many people or am i being a little dumb. if so it is kind of sad that only 2 people clicked on it from the impressions. sorry if this was a dumb question, im really new to advertising/sponsoring.
heres the game btw house on an island - Roblox (its just a house on an island i made ages ago


I ain’t an expert on ADs, but I think impression means how many got shown.


Correct, that’s exactly what they are. :+1:


Impressions are the number of times your ad was shown to anyone. This includes people that have already seen your ad (which are less likely to click it). Furthermore, in my 11 years on roblox I’ve probably only clicked 3 or 4 ads, however that’s just me, and I’ve never had any reason to click ads really. Also if your ad is just a default roblox logo, it’s very unlikely many people will click it, especially when targeting <13 (they typically favor flashy colors, and things that draw attention). Also also, the amount of slashes, to me is a big turn away as it feels very spammy and annoying to look at and not appealing.


yeah! i wasnt looking for anyone to click on it, i was just testing some things. but is it normal for it to get that many impressions? how many impressions would like 10k r$ get?

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I haven’t ran an ad in a long time, but it used to tell you estimated impressions when you typed in a value, does it not do that anymore?

Yes, yes it is. :+1:

Yes. :+1:

(Lol I just noticed @Crazedbrick1 also used the +1 thumbs up)