3D Avatar preview on the website doesn't display your pose with any WrapLayer/Target avatar items

If I wear any asset with a BaseWrap, the 3D avatar preview doesn’t render any pose for my character.

Expected behavior

This doesn’t occur if I don’t wear any of the newer avatar items that use such instances.

I would both expect and like to be able to wear newer heads or items, while looking the same I would in thumbnails or the 2D preview.


Hello and thank you for reaching out. Currently when using skinned meshes (such as LC) on the avatar, the 3D thumbnail cannot render poses. This is a limitation of the current format being used to render those 3D thumbnails on the web. There is a longer term goal to move to a new format, but we currently do not have a timeframe for it.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience on this as we are working on bringing many exciting things to the platform

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