3D Clothing Glitch

Hey guys, I have been using 3D clothing for my game, and today I decided to test in Roblox, not studio. When I joined in, I encountered a massive z-fighting color effect. This is coming from the 3D clothing on the character on the left.

When I wear 3D clothing, this happens:

However, in studio, everything performs as expected:

Thanks in advance!


I restarted studio, and now it happens directly in studio:

Here is a video of the problem:


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I am assuming that this was broken by a Roblox update.

It’s not really a z-fighting issue.
Is it only in this game or are you getting it in Studio with other builds you have?

Any chance you’ve just got a new free model or plugin that might have some malicious script in it?

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Nope, this issue only started after restarting studio, nothing else changed. Also, I know it isn’t z-fighting, but it was just how I was trying to describe it.

Opened a baseplate and got same problem:

Does uninstalling and reinstalling Studio help at all?

I don’t know, I will try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, still broken on re-install.

I have narrowed it down! Meshes only glitch when there is a surface appearance inside them!

Solved it! For some reason putting the surface appearance in the characters teeth and tongue meshes made it glitch, probably some sort of geometry error.

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That’s insane.
Nice catch though!

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