3D clothing picker

Hi, how are you? this time I want you to rate my avatar customizer that contains 3d clothes next I will put more give me your ideas to add them


thhatts totally radddddd :call_me_hand:


Thank you very much friend if you have any suggestions for the system please tell me

Y only recomend you to add the pant, i mean that you can change the color of the pants.
Verry good.:100:.

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Thank you very much of course I will add it

I would say, functionally its very impressive but here’s a few things I’d suggest changing about the UI.

Fonts: The fonts don’t massively fit the style the rest of the area, I’d suggest using something alittle more formal.
BackgroundColor: I’d suggest giving the backgrounds of the buttons alittle more dark or a less light color.
GUI format: I’d suggest forming the GUI’s which relate to each other into one [Example]


Thanks for your suggestion and of course I will work on that.Thanks for your suggestion and of course I will work on that.

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