|| 3D Clothing School Girl Creation ||


Hello Everyone!, after I got done Polishing the remaster of my 3rd 3D Clothing Creation
I ever made, I’ve decided to finally made this 1 3D Clothing Character I’ve wanted to make
for Two Months, I kept imagining and thinking about it all the time, and even came up with a lore and story for the Character.



Character Animated

Quick Story about the Character

Character Description

  • Female
  • Name Is Emma
  • Age 15
  • 9th Grader
  • Very Smart and Adventurous

If any of you guys ever seen or know the plot of Miraculous Ladybug, thats what I’m doing for Emma, as shes getting a special Jewel soon called a Miraculous and can have the ability to transform into a Persona with special powers, I’m very soon to make the 3D Clothing of her transformed and her miraculous jewel, etc.

The Shoes

The Shoes are High Knee Converses, I always loved the styled and thought it fit perfectly for this Creation, Heres a reference Image I used so that you can Compared if needed.

Reference Image



This is pretty nice!
The 3D clothing are pretty well made!

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Keep In mind I made this using only ROBLOX Studio Mesh Parts, and it only took two hours :smiley:

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