3d cup feedback

Feedback at my 3d cup made at blender!!


Dude, looks so nice! Greatings for the good job :smiley:

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Looks half decent, though the shape is very weird and the cup isn’t smooth (unless you don’t want it to be smooth). I’d say a 6/10 is fair.

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Looks plain, too heavy for a cup, and if you look closer, you can see the model faces since it is not smooth. I’m not sure if you are a begginer or not, but keep it up! You’ll be making a lot of better cups in the future.

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Are of my first models at blender, yeah im beginner :slight_smile: thanks for feedback

This looks nice! Wow! You’re a beginner! I’d gotta say that this is good for a beginner! Keep up the good work!