3D import of FPS arms and gun bone structure

I am trying to import a FPS model from blender with the 3D import tool however the bones from the gun are gone?


Roblox Studio:

Reload Animation:

I’d appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

probably has to do with your export settings and or your bone hierarchy.

what is the gun parented to?

is it separate from the arms?

is its rig separate from the arms?

Sorry for the late response i kind of forgot about this, anyhow let me send you a picture of the scene collection,

I… really can’t tell what’s what with those names

when you imported it, did the arms and the gun get imported separately?

are the gun’s bones apart of the same armature as the arms?

are the gun’s bones assigned and weight painted right according to the gun?

(have you tried to see if the rig works in blender, make an animation, and then import it with the animation?)