3D Import Recap Jan-Feb 2024

Hello Creators!

Welcome to the Jan-Feb recap for the 3D Importer! We have big goals for 2024, and hope that this recap will give you a glimpse into our plans and progress so far. Let’s dive into it!

New Features

Upload Directly to Groups

You can now choose where your model will get uploaded! Select from either “Me” or a group you have permissions for from the new Creator setting.

Bone End Direction Visualization

The rig preview will now visualize the direction of the bones at the end of the skeleton. This is useful because most DCC tools treat bones differently than we do in Roblox, which would cause issues where it would be hard to see what your rig actually looked like.

This directionality is represented by a purple-tinted adornment.

In Blender, and old preview:

In preview now:

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a setting disables another setting.
  • Fixed an issue where merging meshes and selecting “Use Scene Origin as Pivot” would cause the pivot to be incorrectly placed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when importing an FBX mesh with no geometry.
  • Fixed an issue where accessories on avatars were being placed at incorrect positions.

In Progress

This year our team is looking at a whole bunch of new and exciting projects to make development workflows better. With regards to import workflows:

  • @iridumegg is working to deprecate our legacy Avatar Importer. More details to follow!
  • @tasavix and @iridiumegg are working on big performance improvements to the importer, so that changing settings such as Import Name happen smoothly.
  • @tasavix is investigating a Lua facing Import API. As always, feel free to suggest ideas for how you would use such an API!
  • @iridiumegg is working on allowing bulk import through the 3D Importer.
  • @itsfrank17 is working on adding glTF support to the Open Cloud Assets API.

Stay tuned!

Other News

Have you seen our release on Custom Presets? It’s a cool new feature that allows you to save and use different configurations of settings to allow for faster subsequent imports. Check it out!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to reply with the coolest things you’ve brought into Roblox; we’d love to see what y’all are modeling. If you’ve made it this far, tell us: what other Studio features and tools would you like to see regular updates for?


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Among Roblox Studio’s features, this is arguably one of my favorites.

I am hoping that the importer continues to improve over time.
Also, keep up the good update consistency.



Great feature, this makes it less of a worry that my rig was not fully imported, or that I don’t entirely see the bones in my mesh.


These are some great updates, can finally have stuff uploaded to where I want correctly.


Importing Animations

it creates some HumanoidRootPart that is bigger than the entire model and changing that doesn’t work cuz Motor6D is parented to that stuff and that’s gonna offset the positions and bla bla bla


To be honest, that really irritates me. I hope it is fixed soon.


For the importing API I would 100% use it for automation when I have loads of assets


Could you guys add a QoL feature that moves the “Make Double-Sided” feature into File General, because at the moment I every time that I click “Last Imported”, it doesn’t make the meshes double sided by default like how I want.


Why does it even make it a humanoid rig? Why not just make a AnimationController to save us the hassle of fixing the auto generated humanoid rig, if we want a humanoid rig we can add it manually.


I agree, there needs to be an option to allow for a humanoid rig, or to simply allow for an animation controller. (I rarely if ever want it to rig a humanoid for me, but I can see where some would need that)


Would it be possible for us to get better organisation for assets we’ve uploaded?

At the moment they get upload under either an account or a group and then just dumped into a massive list.

Something like folders on the creator website (a file explorer like system could be even better) would make this much neater and would encourage updating existing uploads rather than reuploading the same asset over and over until it’s right.

Also the prefix that is applied to the name of assets, such as Mesh/AssetName is quite an inconvenience.


Do the new purple tinted end bones show up in regular view? Trying to animate fingers was painful, since the ends of fingers would always be using global orientation.


We’ll consider this! In the meantime, would any of these workflows help:

  • With Custom Presets, you could create your own default by doing:
  1. Go to a mesh node and toggle on “Make Double-Sided”.
  2. In the top right, click the “…” icon and “Save as New”.
  3. Then click the “…” again and “Set as Default”
  4. Now this preset should be loaded by default, and Make Double-Sided should be on.
    If you want to combine this with other settings in File General, toggle the settings you need in File General and then click “…” → Save selection. This updates the current preset with the changed settings. Please refer to the announcement post for more docs.
  • If you realize you need Make Double-Sided for all meshes, you can also toggle it for one mesh, right-click the node in the bottom-left tree and click “Apply X settings to all matching nodes”.

If you want to import a rig with an animation controller and no humanoid, you can import it as a custom rig. You can change the rig type under Rig General settings on the top level node.

If you want to import a rig as an R15 though, a humanoid will be added as a humanoid is necessary for an R15 Avatar.


This is a very common request for our platform! We’ve been listening to your feedback on our current asset management systems and are working towards a better solution. Please stay tuned :bowing_man:


Currently they do not show up in the regular or animation view, but there IS a separate effort by the animation editor team going on right now to add something similar.

So (with any luck :crossed_fingers:) you should get the same benefits while editing animations soon!


Alright… I tried it and I don’t think it’s working as it’s intended to work. The Double Sided feature turns off by default and does not save with the custom preset that I made, nor does it save when I make it the default.


We only save the type of settings you’re currently looking at. Instead of clicking back to the root node, click save while the mesh node is still active. Thanks for pointing this out though, in the future we will be working on ways to make this less confusing!


I’d love this API. I currently have to send requests to a web server with models that I need to upload, and that requires things like OAuth and so on, making sure users select the right accounts while using oauth, many parts can fail. With a direct API, making model creation or editing related plugins will be much easier to do for anyone.