3D-ish Menu I'm working on!

Made a 3D-ish Menu for my upcoming zombie game.
still in progress, but looking good so far in my opinion.

Let me know your thoughts on what I could change with it! :innocent:


I like the aesthetic, but I feel like the text is kinda hard to read. I mean unless I push my face up to the screen it’s pretty hard to make out what that bottom option is.


Looks clean and professional! Maybe you could make the buttons at the start more clear as they are barely visible though.

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Haha yeah, it is pretty hard to read, i’ll make sure to fix that right away, thanks mate!

Thank you!, I just realized that the buttons are basically invisible lol, since in my screen they look alright, I’ll make sure to fix it though, thanks again mate!

I’ve never seen 3D menus like this before! Amazing work!

Make buttons clearer, reduce some of the fog, make your character’s animations smoother, and I think these are my suggestions :clap:

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Thanks a ton mate!, I really appreciate it! :innocent:

Working on making the buttons more clear at the moment actually, I’ll probably reduce the fog a bit, and for the animation, I’m not that great at animating tbh, but I’ll probably hire someone to do it, thanks for letting me know though!

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It looks great!! The outline appearing around the text when you hover over it is a very little detail that looks so cool in my opinion. The music is charming and matches, and the screen is simple and clean.
The character animation is also quite smooth.

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Thank you so much! I’ve spent hours on this, and i really appreciate it mate! :innocent:

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That looks really good! The labels are hard to read because they are basically invisible. Did you script the character to look at whatever button you hover over?

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Thank you!, I’ve fixed the low transparency for the buttons, they are much more clearer, but thanks for letting me know, also, i did not script the character to look at the mouse.

Wonderful job! I especially love how the camera moves along with the cursor.

Since the theme is night, I would suggest adding more into the general environment, such as adding fireflies or something.

As other people have said here, too, the text is pretty hard to read. Other than that, great job!


Thank you very much!, I’ll definitely add more to the environment and make it look much more better, thanks for letting me know though.
I’ve fixed the button problem, they look much clearer at the moment, but thanks again mate! :innocent:


this is so sick! could i get an explanation on how i could do this myself? i love this!!

No problem, I believe using UIGradiant would be amazing on the buttons!

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wow but can you make the other UI have 3D affect?