3D mesh palette doesn't import properly

I was making a linked sword mesh for my game, exported it from MagicaVoxel and imported it into roblox studio. The colors for some reason changed even though the palette doesn’t include those colors, I want to fix that.

Some colors changed from gray to brown, which ruins the entire mesh.

I tried restarting both MagicaVoxel and Roblox Studio, exporting and importing the mesh again, I looked for solutions on the DevForum but seemingly nobody had an issue like that before

Palette Images (I imported the handle and the blade separately):


i had this problem before i think i fixed the problem by seperating parts by colors
yellow i gather all the yellow parts in texture painting and seperate them or group them like blocks away from the other colors
and same goes the other colors

yh thought the same , then after the import make the entire wepon as a single group works !

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Just making each color a different mesh didn’t work for me. So I guess the fix for this would be setting the color for each separate model manually in studio, but that would just make the process slower. The amount of meshes will also increase with the amount of colors in the color palette which will make the game unoptimized since each player and enemy and even the maps would have lots of meshes.

try doing it in blender. it offers lots of options and has the potential to fix your problem

I fixed the issue by lessening the amount of colors in the palette

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