3D model Glasses (Feedback and opinions)

Hi, I need opinions/feedback on these Glasses before I start texturing it. Do you think there anything I could add or any feedback on what I could fix/improve? Thanks!


That looks really cool!, I don’t think there’s anything you need to do anymore on it.
You could try subdivision surface? well, I don’t model anymore but just a tip.

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Looks snazzy! I’d say the biggest thing you want to focus on is the resources put into these glasses. Judging by the name in the top left including “UGCACCESS” I’d imagine that’s your focus. UGC hats have a 5000 tri limit, along with a 1200 vertice limit (and even that 5K tri limit can be seen as a rather excessive, I’d aim for ~1K if possible.). You’ll want to find ways to cut down on the resources used, without changing the look of the glasses too much.

One big cut on vertices is seeing how much you could do without that edge split modifier, marking only necessary sharps. Untick that “Edge Angle” box, and see where you go from there. Splitting the edges can have a dramatic cost in vertices, and while it’s very important to mark edges where necessary, there are a lot of cases where having a section of your object not have sharp edges won’t be noticed by players.

Do also consider that since they’re a pair of glasses, there’s only so close they’ll be able to get the camera near it, and even then in most cases the camera will be dozens of studs away.

While cleanup can be somewhat tricky, it looks like you’ve already got a good start here with a nice, smooth set of shades! Just a little more work, and you’ll have your glasses ready in no time!

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