3D Model Not Import Correctly

I was trying to import a 4.1MB 3D Model. but imported result and blender result are different

I dont know what method can fix this. i need some help

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In your Blender mesh it looks like you have faces that are inverted.
Check out this link to see which ones are inverted. How to view normals in Blender - cgian.com.

Also make sure you don’t have any internal faces that mess up the shading. In Edit mode click the Select tab, click Select all by Trait, then select Interior faces, then delete them (X, Faces).

As for the colours, save it as an .FBX file and import the mesh as .FBX, it’ll keep the colours you used.

**EDIT, I just noticed it’s over 4MB. How many tris are in your model?
The file size shouldn’t be anywhere near that big.
I’m pretty sure Roblox is trying to cut down the file size by reducing the number of tris.


i think no tris… because everything is block.

Roblox always converts Meshes to tris. Go to your Faces tool, select all, then on the Faces tab click Quads to Tris.
Then tell me how many tris there are.

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 4.29.20 PM
guess what, 0!

Not sure how Blender works with Apple, but on Windows it Edit mode it’ll show at the bottom right of the screen how many vertices, edges, and tris there are.
Try this to show you how to enable the display: