3D Model of a NASCAR Modified

Looking for someone available to complete a one time commission on a 3D Model of a NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified.

As far as time frame, I’d like it to be completed by January 1st. I’ve done some searching around and I don’t believe there are any Blueprints for this vehicle online, so only picture / video reference of the car would be available to be used to complete it.

Looking for the car to be within 5,000 polys. Wheels not needed for completion, I already have a set.

I’m uncertain what a proper asking price for this would be, so please quote me for how much you think this will cost. For more specific details on the car, I can show you various resources.

Please reach out via DevForum PMs if you’re interested as I’ll be more attentive to messages from there rather than my clogged Discord inbox or Twitter.

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