3D Model of AK-47

Hello there! I’ve been learning how to model guns in blender for past two months and I made a lot of guns but this is my latest one, It is AK-47. It took me around 2-3 hours to making everything. I hope you like it.

From other side

Without texture

From other side


Good job creating this gun, it is really detailed, just keep practicing and you can make a lot more different guns. Overall great job, 30 characters.

Cool design, I like the the details and all.

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Very nice model. However, gonna go on a bit of a tangent but I personally do not like the background with the renders.

Good job. :+1:

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It looks really good, although I think the shine on the black is a bit too strong.


That looks great! However, that’s not the correct muzzle device on the AK-47, the one on your model is more reminiscent of the compensator on the AKM.


AKM (for comparison, note the muzzle device):

The muzzle device on the AKM is also canted approximately 22 degrees off-center as shown here:


I myself might start using blender. Amazing you put a good amount of details in it.

Nice design, I respect the effort you put into the gun, the detail is amazing, love those textures!

Looks really good!! I know I could never make something like this!

Looks pretty clean. The details look nice and accurate.

Looks really good! I really like it, the other models for ak 47’s are not realistic or are really bright! Good job man stay safe!

Awesome! It looks very nice i rate it 100/100 :smiley:

it’s really cool :+1: the details look great