3D modeler for hire ( CLOSED)

Post Withdrawn

Post Withdrawn


Posting information for what you need is the complete and whole point of using this subtopic, not posting links to Twitter and giving no context or information readily available upon opening this thread. I also found it slightly annoying that you felt the need to hide the links in those collapsibles.

What’s lazy is you expecting us to open links instead of detailing your request/offer here.


come on make a neat post. Show pictures, give us clear concise demands, how fast you can get stuff done. Show that you are wanting to sell yourself. A stream of twitter posts is confusing as heck and ironically lazy.

Dont mean this to come off as really harsh, and your building is amazing, but the dev forums are your ideal audience and you got to make it your best impression.


As already been said, information on the thread itself is important, not that we are lazy to click but it sends out the wrong message.

Having quickly posting this, asking people to hire you, not showing proof of work, are all red flags and will drive people away from hiring you.

cmon fam, put some finger muscle to it! show us what ya got.


“Either 1 for 5k or 2 for 2500 Robux !”

Your pricing seem… off…


sure sorry

I updated my post with detailed information and lots of Portfolio … hope thats enough…

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That’s more like it. Thanks for the information. :+1:

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First model done : a rather simple police baton :

Your pricing seems super low imo lol

welp … tell that the ppl who don’t recognize how much something is worth these days …

iam indeed already too merciful with those prices ):

For example how much would the police baton i just made be usually worth ?!

Just because they look good doesn’t mean they should be expensive. Its how much effort (as well as the looks of course but mainly effort) that determines prices imo.


welp … that one took me 2 hours due to the studded handle to get sure it has a pure quad topology …

how much would it be worth to someone ,., i really dont know…

Not sure that really makes sense.

I’d rather have something an expert worked for a day on than an amateur worked for a year on.

You don’t review a film or a game based on how hard the team tried, to review it on the quality. Effort =/= quality. Quality = higher price (ceteris paribus ofc)

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You are not reviewing the model, that’s for the players to do. You are using the model. There is a difference.

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Unsure what the point is here. How good it is for you as a dev is defined by how good it is for the game.

What makes a model good to use as a dev though? Is it the quality of it, or the effort put in? You should judge a product ultimately by what the product is, rather than the process by which it was made.

If the sword was smelted by 30 expert craftsmen in the heart of Mt Vesuvius, then sharped for 15 years on pumas stone, and then was 3D scanned in to a computer for a roblox game, a whole lot of effort has been put in for sure, but I wouldn’t pay more for it then an identical sword made by glurbman in like 3 hours.

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It’s pretty unusually to pay for things like this on a piece by piece basis. Normally you’ll be offered like 200k for a project or smtn.

If Lamborghini produced thousands of cars quickly then their price would go down. If they take 6 months to produce 1 car, their price skyrockets. If the mechanic takes 1 day to fix your car the price for labor is low + parts. If they take a week the part price densest change, the labor does. Just because a model is well made does not mean that its price should be high if the production time is low.

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Okay but now you’re conflating supply and demand with quality. Lamborghini’s are high priced for two reasons, 1. Extremely expensive things put into them, but more importantly 2. because the supply of them is kept artificially low.

Neither of these apply to 3D modelling. Nor does any example about a mechanic. You’re not paying for man hours here you’re paying for a product. The price of a product depends on what the product is.

The product is super complex and well made, the price is high. If you’ve put a lot of effort into something it made not be well made, or even fit what it needs to do. The slightly silly example of ppl in Mt Vesuvius crafting a sword vs glurbman making one in blendr stands.

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