3D Modeler Portfolio | Danilo

Hello! I am an 18 year old 3D modeler from Russia. I have been creating models for about 3 years, but I do it as a hobby. I work in Blender, where I have about 330 hours of activity. I make textures for my models in Substance Painter.
My English is poor, so all the translation was done through Google Translate :<

I mainly make weapons, but I also have successful experience in creating characters, furniture, and other small items. Apart from that, I have experience in lvl design in Hammer for Garry’s Mod. In addition to creating models, I know how to optimize them a little, fix problems, like: inverted normals, model size. I know how to do UV mapping. And as I said before, texture the model, then impose the baked texture, and export it correctly. There is experience in creating bones, setting bones on the body, and their subsequent animation.

Here are my works:

UGC Models




Other 3D Works

Bonny FNAF 1

(Some content i del bc it have blood and realistic guns. Im sorry)

Old work, but ok

Saiga (first subs 3d use)

Sniper Rifle


Poligon for VR project


Other works

Showcase video

This is how i made model

the video may not open because it is still loading T~T