3D Modelers for Kart Nation

Turn 3 Digital is looking for 1-2 new 3D Modeler(s) to complete more cars & buildings for our upcoming game Kart Nation.

The Team
@GeorgeTheAccelerator - Team Lead / Vehicle Coder / Map Design / Graphic Design
@Wrathsong - Coder

About The Job

We are looking for somewhere around 15-20 go-karts and the go-karts are compromised of 5 parts: The Body, The Tire, The Steering Wheel, The Engine, & The Seat. Parts are to be modular such that an Engine from one Car Set can reasonably fit in another & so on and so forth. (We have a framework for you to build inside of in your preferred 3D Modeling software of choice.) Payment is negotiable either via lump sum for the work, or contracted to work with the game past the pre-determined number of karts for a percentage of the game’s income.

Our game’s trailer can help you establish the style of the game, and it’s track record in the community is decent as it reached the top of r/Roblox for a day.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord, TheGeorge#2090.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Things to Apply with:

  • Portfolio / Past Work (Working with Cars+++)
  • Tell us about you & your journey on Roblox (briefly)
  • Tell us about your availability over the course of the next month
  • Tell us about your favorite “job” from the past.

As I forgot to add this before, I now realize.
Here are the current karts:

All new karts are to fit around this framework:


For clarity, while this listing of trying to find someone to make 15-20 Karts, ideally, this will turn into a full time position with the team. When you send examples, please show things you think are some of your best work. Looking for things closer to mid-poly.

The payment scheme is negotiable. I’m open to either full percent contracting or a lowered percent with additional funding on the side in USD per completed kart.

it look nice but is just miniature version of a car

Yes, it’s a kart, a miniature car.

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