3D Modeling / 12 Barrel Chaingun


Another image if you want to see the entire model: 3D Modeling / 12 Barrel Chaingun - #4 by Yetaloz


That looks amazing, but the lighting could be better. I can hardly see it. Maybe make the background white?

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looks cool, really clean and great lighting, its difficult to judge the gun itself becouse you cant see it that well in the set

@SergeantCel @blueCoolDude26 Suuure


Thanks! That is a lot easier to see. It looks even cooler now.

Very nice. The blue lights add a very nice touch.

I reckon your barrel is fine, but the main body could use some work. Like maybe some smaller details, such as a trigger.

Other than that, pretty cool!

Looks like a doom eternal chaingun, NICE!