3D Modeling Classes

Hi, My name is TurtleDeveloping, Im a Builder/3D Modeller/Terrain Designer/UI Designer/Animator/2D Designer/GFX Designer/Clothing Designer/Logo Designer/Story Maker And Soon Scripting! I have been developing for about 4 Years

About The Classes
I’ll be Making classes of How to 3D Model in Blender, Blender Shortcuts, Blender UV Unwrapping, Texturing, And Exporting To Roblox, In addition, We are Teaching all the problems that could happen while exporting and how to fix them.

The cost will be 1k Robux. Not a bad price Looking at the things we are teaching, It’s pretty complete and in order.

We will have 10 Open Positions, We will have a Group Where we can answer your questions, And help you out whenever you need help Modeling!

Time Management
I am making classes whenever it’s Adjustable for you, If somehow you missed a Sessión, I’ll be there teaching you apart. And The Sessions last at least 2 Hours. Teaching you every Shortcut and tips to Model.

You can Contact me here, Via DevForum, Or in Discord.
Discord: Turtle#0362

Thanks for reading, Hope you have a Fantastic day.

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