3D Modeling help

Hi, first of all, as a disclaimer, I’m posting this on behalf of one of my friends who is not a member of the dev forum. This might be a simple fix but he is somewhat new at 3D modeling in the context of Roblox.

He is trying to make a flag model for one of his upcoming games. It looks like this:

As you can see from the image. One side of the model is clearly visible, but the other side has no visible flag. This occurred after he significantly reduced the poly-count of the model, so I’m thinking that he might have done something wrong with that. He uses 3ds Max for modeling. He says the model appears fine inside of his modeling tool, but as soon as he uploads it to roblox, one of the sides of the flag goes away.

checkered flaglowpoly.obj (496.5 KB)


This happens because Roblox, like almost every other game engine, only renders one side of a mesh’s faces because you don’t need a back face for the majority of meshes. It increases performance greatly compared to rendering two sides of a face. You can solve this for a flat mesh by just making another poly directly on the back of the first.

If you want to see if a face is missing without exporting from Blender to Roblox, you can enable this setting on the right side of the viewport in Blender. (never used 3ds Max, but here’s an article on it Backface Cull: Inner Object faces render as transparent when facing away from view in 3ds Max | 3ds Max 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network)

This makes all back sides of faces invisible.


Thank you, that worked!