3D or 2D Roblox games

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It’s probably that you played 3D and 2D Roblox games but, do you prefer 3D or 2D games?
3D Roblox games are the most popular, but I think that 2D games can be sometimes more funny and enjoyable.

I’d like to know if you like 3D or 2D Roblox games.

3D or 2D Roblox games
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I never seen a 3D game on Roblox, the whole idea of Roblox was physics and you cant do physics in 2D so…


3D games are kinda the norm. Literally every game out there is 3D, and 2D is virtually non-existent in ROBLOX. You probably are aware of the popularity some specific games (Adopt Me, Tower Of Hell etc…), so you can probably conclude that 3D games are the clear winners here.

However, 2D games are still really good! Take Super Mario Bros for example, that wasn’t a ROBLOX game, but its popularity reflects the potential 2D games could have in ROBLOX. It’s sad to see that not many 2D games are out there, and I’d love to see some


2D games are funny? Oh wow, look at the perspective of the camera, this is so hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:


you cant do physics in 2D so…

since when?


The game I am currently working on was intended to be a sort of 2.5D style game. Ultimately, it didn’t work for the target audience and I ended up going with 3D (which means more work, but I don’t mind). It really depends who you’re making the game for.

I personally prefer a 3D game, but I can appreciate a well made 2D game. However, that said, a lot of 2D games on Roblox tend to feel gimmicky and not something I’d like to play over and over again.


Both 3D and 2D games can be used in almost every situation and can be used to make a good game, but one is generally better for each situation than the other. For example, a tactical FPS game will be better in 3D because the players have one more dimension to work with.

How many dimensions that are in a game isn’t what makes a game good and enjoyable to play, it’s more the core gameplay, graphics and audio overall. Two of the same games, except that one is in 2D and the other one is in 3D, will perform similar to the other game.

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Roblox’s engine is designed for 3D games so it makes sense for most games on Roblox to be 3D.

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not in Roblox, watch their video of how Roblox was created then you would know what i mean. OK?

I’ve seen some platformers that put the viewpoint like 2d platformers, but the sprites are still 3d like this from Super Mario Wii:

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It’s very possible to do physics in 2D, especially not in roblox.

(I know it’s really basic since it’s Scratch, but whatever.)

I never said it wasn’t possible i said not in Roblox, do you not see where i said it?

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Isn’t that what you said? If not then I’m super confused XD

If you read the rest of the chat you would see XD

Oh… I just misinterpreted it. I thought you meant not using Roblox XD sorry…