3D Platfomer Starring A Yellow Rabbit / Early Unfinished Gameplay

A Rabbit’s Journey is a 3D Collectathon Platformer where you play as the main protagonist, Swift The Rabbit, along with his sidekicks, Linny The Rabbit and Raul The Fox! Together with the power of friendship and teamwork, they must travel through space and collect as many carrots as they can to rescue their kind from the evil Turdoid The Tortoise!

Few songs from the game composed by me!
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Bear Town

Living Jungle Freaks


Looks awesome! One thing is that the jumping sounds are a bit annoying. Maybe tinker with those a bit, shouldn’t remove them though.
Also, the soundtrack so far is really awesome, it really captures the game theme.

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Other people have been saying the same thing about the jumping sounds and honestly, they do start to get annoying after some time lol. Will definitely decrease the amount of times the sound is allowed to be played when the player jumps. Thanks for the feedback!

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It’s really important to know that basic sounds such as jumping will play constantly since that’s one of the core mechanics of the game.Always try to find something that isn’t large and flashy for basic actions like attacking.Imagine if each attack of an enemy in an RPG had fireworks,now imagine those same fireworks being used as when you level up.
Anyway I really love this project,looking forward to seeing level design if you ever come back to share more of it.

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Thank you, I’m also really looking forward to showcasing new upcoming things being added to the game and seeing what everyone thinks. I’m really loving hearing what people think of the project so far.