3D Platformer Abilities and movement (Not done yet)

Recenlty i’ve decide to take a break from working on my fighting game i have a go with another game genre I really enjoy and that is 3D Platformers such as A Hat In Time and Mario 64

Here’s a video of some of the basic things I made


robloxapp-20201222-1642256.wmv (4.0 MB)
Sorry for the lag and Quality, just like good old roblox studio :wink:

Also here’s a link to the game so you try it out for yourself

Game Link

3D Platformer Testing - Roblox

Here’s a list of all the current things (Edited when I add more):

  • Double Jump
  • Sprinting
  • Custom Running and Walking Anims (Not by me)
  • Edge jumping
  • Wall Jumping

Well that’s all,I love to hear your opinion whether its good or bad put it! Since even bad opinions help . Anyways thanks for having a look!


Can you please put it (the video) on streamable.com? My device can’t run .wmv files and anyone else on Apple devices can’t.

Ooof if you want i can put the link to the game up?