3D Sticker Peel Effect

Here’s a short preview of a sticker peel effect I’ve made. There is still a lot of touching up to be done, but I’d love to know what you think!


I’m wondering how you do this, did you use mesh bones with animation controller? I’m planning to use this in my game


Love it so far, great work! :star_struck:

Would love to see the process documented.


It is an animated mesh. I had originally created a 2D sticker peel effect using After Effects and exported it over to Roblox using sprite sheets on a surface GUI. I wasn’t too fond of the result and wanted something that’d save me time and produce a better effect. If you want to achieve a similar result: Blender > subdivide a plane > add some armature > animate the apply/peel effects > bake the action. The sticker is just a decal thrown on top of the animated mesh. Make the mesh transparent and add a decal to the top and bottom. Make sure you extrude your plane a bit to prevent the front decal from showing through the back decal during the animation. If you want to get complicated with it, you can also write a function that works directly with the bones without an animation so that when they click the mesh it’ll pull and deform the sticker based on the nearest bone from their mouse. I had planned on doing this, but decided it was unnecessary for what I’m using it for, so I took the simple animation route.