3D view crashes, then studio crashes when you try and switch to it

Win10, Team Create

Sometimes in studio, my 3D view becomes “dead” and will not render. This is when I am in a script tab and I switch back into the 3D view. It continues to render the last script I have open. Once I close all scripts, I get a crash.

(Notice how it’s showing a script even though I have none open)

The closed scripts had their changes saved successfully, even though it crashes after closing the final one.

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Can you include the crash logs/dump? On Windows they are in %localappdata%\Roblox\logs\ and \logs\archive.

Stranger bug this time… I disconnected from team create, it popped up script recovery, I closed this along with my scripts.

I was stuck in the script view but I was able to click through and models are being selected (see the Explorer panel)

I will DM you crash logs!