3D world filter

This sounds like a garbage idea considering roblox’s already inaccurate and bad moderation. This could lead to a ton of false positives and innocent players getting banned.

If you want to enforce specific rules in your game, it’s up TO YOU, not roblox, nor anyone else. It’s your responsibility to enforce your own rules that you set within your own game.

This is an extremely insane request, considering this is basically impossible due to how every game is structured differently. All throughout the thread you seem to just think that because Roblox is a big company with lots of resources, this suddenly becomes feasible.

The closest thing I can think of is some bot screenshotting the workspace and then scanning each bit of it for offensive material. I highly doubt this would work well, as it all depends on the angle of the screenshot to begin with.

AI is not something that should be so heavily relied on in moderation, especially since there would be a massive drop in accuracy due to there being 3 dimensions of things for it to examine. 2 dimensional assets, like images, already have a horrible track record.