3D world position to 2D screen position

Hello developers! So I am working on my Interactions system (No I don’t want to use ProximityPrompt) and I want to recreate one from game SCP : Containment Breach, I know you are now smacking your head while saying “He could just use BillboardGui” trust me, It won’t look like SCP : Containment Breach, what I mean is that no matter if you are looking at the interaction part or not, the press E thingy is still on screen, and I need it to position based on the part’s 3D position, thanks for any help!

There are specific API methods for this.


The former ignores the core gui inset and the latter acknowledges it.


Thanks! One more question, how would I set the ImageLabel’s position to offset instead of scale?

Both of those functions return a Vector3 value of which its X & Y properties describe a pixel offset from the top-left corner of the screen.

I know, but when I set ImageLabel position to Offset instead of Scale, It doesn’t show on screen, I tried doing some math, that didn’t work out.

Can you share the line where you assign the GuiObject’s position property?

Wait I asked wrong thing, I wanted to say, how would I set it to Scale instead of Offset, my bad.

Oh, you’d divide the result by the viewport’s dimensions, i.e;

local scaleX = result.X / camera.ViewportSize.X
local scaleY = result.Y / camera.ViewportSize.Y

Make sure this is being handled locally.

The server’s camera has a viewport size of 1 by 1 pixel.

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Thanks, I am programmer for 5 years and still forget some stuff.

Oh and one last question xd, how do I prevent it from scaling the image?

Insert a UIAspectRatioConstraint into the ImageLabel/ImageButton.