3D/2D Graphic Designer

Hello, I’m a Canadian gfx artist and professional memer that has been making renders and youtube thumbnails since 2018. I joined roblox devforum to try and get my work more known and I guess also make some money off of it. The programs I use for my work is Blender and Photoshop.

Not all of my stuff is in here because I just started saving my work lol


(all of the NapkinNate youtube videos after 2018),


crane games



I don’t know how much my stuff is worth yet since I’ve never really worked with customers but here:
Thumbnails: 35 USD / 10,000 Robux
Icons: 25 USD / 7000 Robux
Vector: don’t know yet

I accept either robux from group funds or paypal money

To contact me, you can reply or hit me up on these 2 other platforms :sunglasses::
Discord: Saⁿta Claus#2053
Twitter: octav2004

If you want to donate use: PayPal.Me :eyes: :flushed:

Thanks for reading!


Everything here looks very nice!

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I added you on discord, still no response.

I sent you $0.01 because I don’t got a lot of money just to give out but I wanted to give you the tinniest bit of something for all the amazing work you do but don’t get recognition for it.