3rd-decimal movement increments


I build in a 0.125 grid so naturally I want a 0.125 move increment. Sadly the closest thing I can get is 0.12 or 0.25 since the 5 at the end of 0.125 is cut off and the number is turned into 0.12


Can we please have this? It’d make studio tools a lot more useful.


This is so frustrating! There should be no precision limit.


This is one of the only reasons I still use plugin building tools. Keep in mind, I would really like to not use plugin tools since they often don’t respect models and folders.

Having more precision in studio tools is crucial.


FWIW, if you enter 0.125 in the movement interval box, you do get an interval of 0.125 when using the Move tool, it’s just displayed as 0.12. The value is not actually rounded, but the display is just truncated and therefore confusing.