3rd Noob Division : Camp Limited Fairness



Many previous opponents of the 3rd Noob Division have criticized the fairness of our battle map, Camp Limited. This post will clarify how the map is fair, despite what it looks like.


One aspect that is overlooked is that the raiders who come to battle on our map do not utilize their vehicles properly. The tank system 3ND uses requires teamwork to be efficient. This means the driver and commander/gunner must work together and communicate (whether it be in-game chat or voicechat) to battle in tanks efficiently.


Another aspect overlooked by the raiders who battle at Camp Limited is the number of vehicles on each team. The raiders team has more vehicles than the 3ND team, actually giving raiders an advantage.
Below is a list of vehicles on each team.

The 3rd Noob Division team has access to:
• 1 battleship
• 2 tanks
• 3 armored personnel carriers
• 1 dive bomber
• 1 fighter
• 2 light utility vehicles
• 2 towed anti-aircraft guns

The Raiders team has access to:
• 1 aircraft carrier
• 2 landing ships
• 1 patrol boat
• 1 battleship
• 3 tanks
• 3 armored personnel carriers
• 2 dive bombers
• 2 fighters
• 2 light utility vehicles

It is up to the raiders to utilize their vehicles correctly.


Both teams have a standard rifle, light machine gun, and submachine gun, all with the same statistics as the other team. There isn’t a slight change to any stats.


“Raider vehicles are slower than 3ND vehicles.”

This is false. The raider team APCs have more speed than 3ND’s APCs.

“3ND planes are faster than raider planes.”

This is false. All planes can alter their speed with Shift/CTRL. All planes have a minimum speed of 150 and a maximum speed of 300.

“3ND has anti-aircraft guns while the raider team doesn’t.”

This is true and false. The 3ND team does not have as many planes as the raider team, so to compensate, a couple of anti-aircraft guns are added to 3ND’s side. The raider team actually has 3 anti-aircraft guns on their battleship.

“This map/gun/vehicle is free-modeled.”

This is false. All progress on our assets can be seen in our communications server.
@ClassicMasterNoob made the map and vehicle models.
@VenomiZeD_VamqireXz made the vehicle scripts and functions.
@LiveClaritinClear made the gun models.
@NoCollider made the gun system.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our communications server.