3rd person gun system

Does anyone have a link for a 3rd person gun system? I legit can not find anything. Preferably it can swap between 3rd and 1st person. But it needs to have a way to customize and create new guns. I’ve searched everywhere I could think.
Edit: has to have mobile support.
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Roblox guns from the toolbox have a shoulder camera script in them, maybe it can help

They suck, to say the least. Everything about them is broken.

Try using Cframe, check the wiki

Trying to find something like ACS or CE but in 3rd person.

Any luck finding one? I’m also looking for one

To be honest, I totally forgot I made this. I totally gave up on finding a 3rd person gun system, but there is this which I’ve not even tested to see if it works. Your best bet would probably be creating your own system. (Also no clue if it has viruses in it, so be careful if you use it.)

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ACS is a gun pack and it’s a good one.

First of all, ACS is for a first person shooter system. Carbon Engine is better for FPS games

Carbon Engine is trash lol

So yeah, it’s not good and ACS there is custom guns and stuff so yeah.

Says the Builder to the scripter…