3rd Vs First Person?

Should my guns in my upcoming fighting game be 3rd or first person? (Pick One Not Two)
Feedback will be appreciated. :smile:

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@Doe_JohnRBLX, it is game support because he’s asking something that will improve the quality/design of the game. Anyways, I think 1st person is better than 3rd person in a fighting game. For example, if you’re making a game like “Da Hood” then you should use 3rd person, but if you’re making a game like arsenal I recommend 1st person.

Still though, I prefer 1st person for gun-related games.

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I think it really depends on the game. I think first person would be better if it was more realistic like Phantom Forces or something and third person if it was more cartoony like ragdoll universe.

What kind of game is it? I prefer 3rd person for open world games, and first fir round based games.

Hard to decide. If it’s in an enclosed environment, like a normal sized map for an FPS game, then go for first person, otherwise, if it’s a pretty big map, not enclosed, then consider using third person.

If you still can’t decide, just have players choose first or third person.

If you’re making a game that’s primarily focused on shooting people then I recommend 1st person since it’s most comfortable. If you’re making a game with roleplay elements, such as a border then I recommend 3rd person guns.

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developer forum is ok for developers to collaborate and share, not serious all the time

Apparently you dont know basics of devforum. The entire purpose of this category is for people to ask for help and help others and that’s exactly what this topic is for. Idk where you see any “fun things” here. Also what do you mean, we are not allowed to have any fun here? Having fun and some jokes are perfectly fine as long as you stay on topic.

I think 3rd person is better, with the option to zoom in and go into 1st person.

It depends on what kind of game you’re making. If its a combat oriented game (e.g. Arsenal, Ace of Spadez, etc.) first person is the way. However, if you were going for a game that featured combat rather than focused on it (e.g. Watchdogs), I’d go with third person.

Hope this helps!

if by somehow you want the game to be playable for TPS And FPS then it’s good but I’d recommend FPS cuz if you choose TPS like R2DA

people would easily rage