[40% Game Revenue] Programmer for Round based survival game

Hey there, I’m Sam, been using Roblox Studio for about 4 years now. And I literally am the worst at scripting B).

So thats where you come in,
I always prefer collaborating with as least people as possible, this makes the communication better. Especially at the start of development. That’s why it’s only me and you working on it.


The job

I am looking for a skilled programmer that is capable of programming a game like Super Bomb Survival, or Lab Experiment. A round based game. The game is in a bit of a Portal-ish style i guess.

What does the game look like right now?


I’ll be paying out 40% of all game revenue.

If the game fails and won’t make anything, I’ll still make sure you get the money you deserve. But I am pretty certain it won’t fail B)


You need to:

  • Be 15+
  • Be a quite hard working programmer that can laugh from time to time. :))
  • Be not scared to talk about problems. I am not scary. B)
  • Be able / Comfortable to talk in Voice Chat
  • Have a very mediocre sense of humor
    ^very important!!! B)


You can contact me trough twitter or trough discord:


K bye gamer


Hello there! I am VERY interested about the job! But I would like to know exactly what I would need to do. Also, I don’t have Discord or Twitter. So would it be ok to contact you through roblox?

Thanks :grinning:

I’m interested! Your discord tag is incorrect apparently. Could you add me?

  • PixelZombieX#5777

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